About Us

DuCaR Sprinklers company of joint-stock company was established in 1968, Turkey. Dedicated to helping our environment, DuCaR Sprinklers works with farmers and scientists around the world to improve irrigation systems' quality to promote sustainable agriculture.

Our mission and high quality products firstly made us leader manufacturing company on local basis. Over the years, we became a company distributing its products to 120 points in Turkey and exporting to about 15 countries.

In 2012, in order to serve better our precious clients in Asia Pacific and Australia, we found DuCaR Sprinklers Australia.

Range of DuCaR Sprinklers Australia is consisted of 19 models with body angles from 18- through 43-degree in different sizes and properties.

Given the ever-increasing population of the world, the people’s need for food also increase. The way to have access to more food is clearing lands for agriculture or rehabilitation of the productivity of the existing lands. And the most cost-effective way of making the existing lands more sustainable is conscious irrigation of them.

Why choose DuCaR Sprinklers Australia

  • Most items are promptly dispatched for your convenience
  • Estimated dispatch time of 1-2 business days means we have stock on hand
  • Estimated dispatch time of 4-10 business days means we need to order stock (please note, this may take longer than the estimate time frame)

Below is a table of the estimate delivery times within your area:

Sydney 1-2 business days
NSW, ACT   1-3 business days
VIC 2-5 business days
QLD     2-5 business days
SA 3-5 business days
WA 4-6 business days
NT 4-6 business days
TAS 3-6 business days


  • We use the most flexible and secure payment methods such as PayPal and bank transfer.
  • Our safe and secure checkout system is protected by the top security SSL standard, meaning your privacy is always safe with us.
  • We work closely with our Dealers in all locations across the Nation to ensure the best customer service possible, whether the projects are large scale irrigation, dust control, or small to medium projects.

Customer Support Department

We believe that building a long-term relationship with all our customers is the key to the success of our business. We are always here to resolve any miscommunication with our customers and to answer their needs in a timely manner. We know how important our customers are and always try our best to provide a satisfying purchasing experience from sales through to warranty.

Our Mission

‘Always getting better for sustainable agriculture’, a tradition of us, is our biggest promise to our customers.